Māla maskas aknei un taukainai ādai

Clay masks for acne and oily skin

Getting a natural and radiant look when your skin is oily or with acne can seem impossible. Brightening serums and moisturizing masks often provide too much moisture, which only worsens the condition of the skin and promotes the appearance of rashes - definitely not the effect you want. For women, men, young people with oily skin type, it's time to meet your new best friend - clay face mask! They are often considered the best face masks to get rid of acne because they are rich in natural clays that absorb oil, purify the skin, reduce the appearance of pores, and can also be a great way to soothe and pamper the skin. We reveal all the benefits of clay masks and share some of our favorites to restore your skin's natural (non-oily) glow.

What does a clay face mask do?

A clay face mask applied at any time of the day can do wonders for oily, combination and acne-prone skin. But it should be noted that it may not work for everyone.

“Clay masks are a great tool for anyone with oily skin or those with breakouts. If you have hormonal or cystic breakouts, don't expect a clay mask to solve it. Start with a visit to a dermatologist, as this type of rash usually requires treatment with prescription medications."

How does a clay face mask actually work? Here are four key benefits of clay masks:

Benefit 1 : They absorb excess oil and toxins. While there are many different types of clay (each with unique benefits for the skin), bentonite clay is great at absorbing excess oil. This clay is composed of volcanic ash and a group of minerals called montmorillonites found in Fort Benton, Wyoming. When mixed with water, it turns into a very porous mixture and creates a negative electrical charge that allows toxins and excess sebum to be absorbed from the skin. Your skin will glow!

Pro Tip: Although clay masks are more commonly used on a daily basis by people with oily skin types, everyone can benefit from a clay mask. The key is frequency of use - oily skin types can use clay masks a few times a week, but other people should use an "as needed" principle. If you have drier skin, choose a clay mask that is infused with moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera or shea butter to ensure your skin doesn't dry out even more.

Benefit 2 : They provide gentle exfoliation. Many clay masks are formulated with kaolin clay, a silicon-based clay that can also absorb excess oil, but its unique formulation provides gentle exfoliation and smooth skin.

Benefit 3 : They minimize pores. Unfortunately, clogged pores are often the unwanted companions of oily skin. Excess oil and dirt can clog pores, making them larger and more obvious. Although you can't change the actual size of your pores, regular use of a clay mask can help clear them, reducing their appearance. The best part? After removing the mask, you'll always see (and feel) an immediate improvement in the appearance of your pores.

Benefit 4 : They fill the skin with minerals and nutrients. Bentonite clay is rich in minerals such as iron, calcium, silicon, copper, potassium and magnesium, which are so necessary for the skin.

Pro tip: Do you let the clay mask dry completely before removing it? Stop! This is actually the opposite of what you want. When the mask is still wet, that's when your skin absorbs the most nutrients. As it begins to dry, it absorbs oil and stimulates blood flow. If you let it dry completely and it starts to crack a little, it can over-dry your skin and even cause irritation. It is best to remove it when it is still slightly damp.

Are you ready to let your skin shine and glow? Here are our favorite clay masks to try based on your skin type.

If you have sensitive skin, try:

Bio Lorencia collagen mask - it is strong enough for all skin types, but just as gentle even for sensitive skin. It is made of clay and a special blend of powerful amino acid plant antioxidants. It is highly effective in exfoliating and improving skin texture while helping to retain moisture. In addition, it moisturizes oily skin. This creamy mask is also very effective in reducing sun damage!

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