Sejas kopšana ar kolagēna sejas masku no māla

Facial care with a collagen face mask made of clay

A facial with a collagen face mask made of clay is a great way to improve the health, elasticity and appearance of the skin. This type of mask combines the benefits of clay and collagen, providing a wide spectrum of skin care benefits. Here's how a face care process with a collagen face mask made of clay can look like:

Cleansing : Start by thoroughly cleansing your face using a suitable cleanser to remove dirt, oil and make-up residue.

Shaving : If necessary, shave to achieve a smooth facial surface. You can do this before or after the cleaning step.

Facial exfoliation : Use a gentle facial scrub to remove dead skin cells and promote better absorption of the collagen mask.

Preparation of a collagen face mask : Prepare a collagen face mask from clay by mixing the clay with water or other cleansing and moisturizing ingredients such as rose water, aloe vera gel or hyaluronic acid. Use the mixture carefully to make a smooth paste.

Application : Also, apply a thin layer of the collagen face mask on a clean face, avoiding the eye and lip areas. Spread it evenly and massage a little to improve blood circulation.

Relaxation : Relax and unwind while the collagen mask works. You can use this time to meditate, listen to music or just relax.

Washing off : After the specified time indicated on the mask package, wash it off with warm water. Rinse the skin thoroughly to ensure that the mask is completely removed.

Toning : After washing off the mask, apply facial toner to restore the skin's pH level and prepare it for the next steps of skin care.

Moisturize and protect : Finish your facial by applying a moisturizing face cream and, if necessary, sunscreen.

Remember that the frequency of using a face mask may vary depending on the needs of your skin. For best results, use the collagen facial mask regularly as part of your daily or weekly facial routine.

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